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New maintainer... again [Posted by orudge at 28/12/2003 13:59:58]
Bad Sector, of Bad SEAL fame, has returned and has taken over the maintainership of SEAL. He plans to use his "The Force" project as a base to start Seal 3. Keep checking the forums for more details.

A new maintainer.. again [Posted by Iamryan2003 at 09/07/2003 05:52:20]
Figure since we have a new maintainer, might as well let the world know officially.. The seal team welcomes oyama26 as our new maintainer.

Maintainer returns [Posted by BiggyP at 21/05/2003 11:25:39]
_xduffy_ has returned to the forums, and will hopefully be working on the next SEAL release in the near future.

Some news deleted [Posted by orudge at 18/05/2003 22:34:12]
Due to an annoying face from the past (some forum regulars will know who I'm talking about), some of the news is gone. A recap though: I am no longer maintainer, _xduffy_ is. Not a lot is happening with SEAL though unfortunately anyway. :(

Ideas for Seal 3.0 [Posted by orudge at 03/06/2002 17:28:21]
I've thrown around a few ideas for Seal 3.0. Seal 3.0, the next major version of SEAL, may be rewritten totally from scratch. Have your say - this is your chance to shape the future of SEAL!

SEAL 2.00.11 has been released! [Posted by orudge at 14/04/2002 13:29:30]
SEAL 2.00.11 has been released! New in this version:
  • Directory structure reorganised
  • Makefile builds everything
  • New version of SFA
  • WAV driver for SFA
  • Checkboxes now skinned, as well as windows and buttons (more controls will be supported soon)
  • Allegro 4.0.1 now used
  • Everything updated and improved a bit
  • Friendly title read from .ln files and displayed in Programs menu instead of filename minus extension
  • New startup logo, by Phil Harper
  • seal2_app_about function - common About dialog
  • Klondike now included, as well as updated versions of other games and an updated CARDS.XDL (datafile appended to XDL, instead of being seperate)
  • Snake added to Games menu (needs to be finished though)
  • Made stattext controls transparent if skins enabled, and fixed other skin-related issues
  • Alex Levitsky's Disk Imager now included with SEAL (note: please see docs/bugs.txt in distribution)
  • Plus many other bug fixes and updates
Go and get it from the Download section now!