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About SEAL

SEAL is a 32-bit graphical user interface (GUI) for DOS. It supports many advanced features, such as a dynamic linking system (XDL), sound and other multimedia functions (SFA), multilingual support, and more! The minimum system requirements are as follows:

  • A 486 processor or better
  • At least 8mb of RAM (you may be able to run SEAL with less, but it is not recommended)
  • A video card which supports at least 640x480 resolution in 256 colours, although 16-bit colour is recommended.
  • At least 1.6mb of hard disk space (more recommended)
  • MS-DOS 3.0 or higher (or compatible - DR-DOS, PC-DOS and FreeDOS all work with SEAL)

SEAL is licensed under the GNU General Public License, which means that you can take the source code and help improve SEAL, by adding new features, fixing bugs, or writing applications for it. If you want to help, post a message in the forums. It doesn't matter if you cannot program - if you can translate SEAL and/or this site into another language, create graphics, promote SEAL, or anything else, you are still helping SEAL, and we greatly appreciate this.