Links to SEAL2 Apps

SEAL2 Apps Page

Tobias Johansson's SEAL Files
Home of SEAL2's Card Games, Othello and AClock as well as other SEAL2 and programming related stuff.

xduffy's stuff
David's Open Source Software page is home to the SEAL2 port of Splorer and "The Desktop" a much improved Bad Desktop for SEAL2.

Finkelsmak Kvasthuvud's SEAL Page
Here you can find a great brick game for SEAL2 called Unis as well as painter and a number of nice skins.

Lukas' SEAL2 Software
Lukas' has provided us with his address book for
SEAL2 and a port of CubeOS's explorer app.

Owen Rudge's Homepage
Owen is the current maintainer of the SEAL2 project, his site has an screen saver for SEAL2 and a Starwars text animation for SEAL2 along with other nifty stuff.

Phil's Workshop
My Collection of skins, wallpapers and generalimages for SEAL2.

The Seal Files Archive
an Archive of SEAL related software maintained by Amos Vryhof

if you've got a SEAL2 App that i haven't mentioned please email me and let me know