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SEAL is the result of many people. Here are just some of the people who helped with SEAL in one way or another:


Julien Etelain
Pretty much everything not written by someone else.

Owen Rudge
SFA, SealDOS, this site, many patches, and loads more.

Michal Stencl
Older kernel code, etc. Started the SEAL project.

Kostas Michalopoulos
Help System, Bad Controls, Volume Control, Snake, old registry, plus other contributions.

Jon Heather
Many optimisations and bug fixes.

Florian Xaver
SFA plus other updates.

Pablo Borobia
Tooltips, drag-and-drop updates, button highlight system and splitter control.

Callum Lawson
Tetris game, plus other coding.

Alex Levitsky
Disk Imager.

Tobias Johansson
Cruel, Fifteen, Klondike, Solitaire, Golf and Towers of Hanoi games.


David Fredin
Swedish translation.

Kostas Michalopoulos
Greek translation.

Daniel Nagy
Hungarian translation.

Lukas Lipka
Slovak translation.

Dag Edman
Norwegian translation.

Freddy BL
German translation.

Darragh McNally
Irish translation.

If you think your name should be listed here and it isn't, e-mail me.