BadSeal and StarSeal comments

BadSeal 0.53

Bad Sector has done it again. The already advanced version of BadSeal has a new version out, and it is better than ever. With the addition of a Registry, and numerous other improvements from the last version I used, (v0.43) this Seal distro has to be one of the nicest, and easiest to use.

Among the features are a Start-Menu like button for applications, a System Information panel, Control Panel with tabbed option screens, and all of the documentation is easily accessible.

Features I would like to see: Desktop Functionality, SFA, Run, HTML Browser

StarSeal 0.65

Callum Lawson has released his own Seal Distro which sports a KDE-style interface, and Desktop functionality. My comments are based on very limited use, since I was using it on my Web Server. While runningt StarSeal, I was able to play all of the games, and use most of the included applications. I did not test the CD Player, and trying to use the Desktop caused StarSeal to crash. Furthermore, upon exiting, StarSeal went into an infinite loop, opening thousands of copies of the Error message box, causing me to reboot.

StarSeal is good for people who are switching from Linux and KDE to DOS and Seal. Keep in mind that Callum is still a beginner when it comes to Seal development, and don't judge future versions of StarSeal on my comments. I am sure that StarSeal will be just as good as BadSeal in the future, and still be able to maintain a different look and feel.

Features I would like to see: More Stability

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