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Welcome to The Seal Desktop Environment's home at Sourceforge! Here is where you can find the latest news, and information regarding Seal.

Seal is a Graphical Desktop Environment for DOS. Some of the features of Seal are:
  • Graphical Environment similar to KDE
  • Multimedia Capabilities with the SFA API
  • DPMI Support for up to 4Gb of RAM
  • Compatibility with the latest Allegro version
  • DLX 3.0 for Dynamic Resource loading
  • Support for most modern Image formats
  • Support for most modern Sound Formats
  • The low-low cost of Nothing
Since Seal is under the GNU Public License you may develop and fix bugs as you wish without worrying about the Software Police knocking down your door.

19 May 2002 - More and More!
You will now notice in the left pane, a section for Links. If you have a Seal page you would like added to this location, let me know.

Moreover, you will notice the enhanced version of the The Seal File Archive

In other news, Point Mad has pulled all versions of its applications from future versions of Seal. This means that an enhanced version of Bad Desktop will be the future, along with possibly a new Control Panel. Other new software includes the nearing release of Callum's PPP Dialer, which will bring Internet to the future of Seal.

FUTURE: Keep a lookout for a Seal Gallery page which will contain skins and graphical creations of Seal developers and promoters. Tune in next time for the exciting new episode of As the Flame War Burns...hehe

17 April 2002 - Site Enhancements
For anyone who hasn't noticed, I am doing a major overhaul of the site. By the end of the week, I intend to have old news archived, and make some of my Seal background wallpaper available for download here. Keep a watch out, and Look back here for changes daily.

16 April 2002
Quoted from: Here

Everyone's favourite opensource DOS GUI is back and better than ever in the new release, skinning support has been improved to allow better themeing, rather than just buttons skins, the Multimedia API(SFA) has been expanded to support more Audio Formats, the Disk Imager has been ported and many other improvements have been made, and still in just a 1.39MB download.

Get your copy Here or take a look at a couple of screenshots shot1 shot2

Bad Desktop is also availible as a separate download here

18 February 2002
Owen Rudge is now the project maintainer for Seal. The first step he has taken is moving the forum to SourceForge. The location is

Links on this page have been updated as well. I have not weeded out broken links though.

30 December 2001
Looks like Seal 2.0 v1 is Final. Julein has posted that a new version of Seal is being started. Some of the ideas include a leaner version of Allegro, better Multitasking, and a few other sweet improvements.

One of the major problems facing Seal right now is lack of Multitasking know if you can help, please let us know. We are looking for the kernel to control multitasking of applications. Preemptive is preferable, and protected application space would make Seal perfect.

More news later....

14 November 2001 - A lot has happened
Seal 2.0 is progressing quite quickly. I tested it the other day, and was able to perform all basic functions and even use SFA.

Furthermore, Owen is developing a new version of SFA that is better, and will support video files of many sorts. He also mentioned that large WAV files will be supported better by streaming from disk...excellent work Owen!

I changed the target of to point to a directory here on Sourcforge's server....I think the collection is pretty complete for Seal 1.x and 2.x stuff.

I am also working on a custom distribution of DJGPP with installer for anyone who has trouble installing it. (There used to be a few, dunno if they are still around) I am writing a simple, but effective installer.

You may notice that a few core sites are gone. That is because the server crashed, and I haven't had time to bring it back online. All data stored on it is safe, since it is on a second Hard Drive.

There will be more news soon, but my fingers are getting tired.

8 September 2001 - Seal 2.0 Alpha 1 released
Seal 2.0 Alpha 1 is now available for download at get it now! I will be playing around with it soon, and will surely comment. From what Owen posted in the forum, Seal 2.0 has a lot of good potential.

5 September 2001 - Seal 2.0 Screen Shot
Julien has been plugging away at Seal 2.0 and has released a screenshot of the elements he has working. Notice that he has XDL, Static Text, Listbox, and a few other good elements working. The new style for all of the windows and dialogs shows that Seal is maturing.

Here it is:

23 August 2001 - News from BadSector
I neglected to put the release of BadSeal 0.54 here, because I was really busy with my Brother's wedding. Anyway, while I was being lazy, BadSeal 0.54 was released, and another update for it was released as well. It looks very good, is stable, and more descriptive when there are errors. All of the icons work, and you can even now select multiple Icons. The only problem I have with BadSeal is the lack of support for sound files. :-(

Anyway, despite that, it is the best Seal version currently ge it at! You will not beleive your eyes!

Source ->

27 July 2001 - Link here
Ok, I am pretty sure that some people will want to link to this site for all of their Seal I plan to add more and more until just about every aspect of Seal is documented. All Seal releases will be available on SourceForge's server via the Seal Project page, and linked to from here in a sidebar I will call "File Releases" (how creative...hehe)

Anyway...the point of this document is that to link here, you should use my handy dandy button:

<a href=""><img src="" BORDER=0></a>

You will get:

Test of Sourceforge File releasing I released BadSeal 0.43 to Sourceforge. I know it's an old release, but it was just a test of the Sourceforge file release system to see how it works. I do not suggest downloading this for production purposes, as the newer versions are much better...I also added a pane for file releases in the sidebar.

24 July 2001 - A little more documentation
I might not be the best to document this, but someone needs to. I added a howto for Seal Developers to use Sourceforge's Unix Variant (Linux of course). Most of this information is good on other Unix machines as well, so learn it well. To see the howto, click here. If you find anything missing that you think should be in there, let me know with the link to email me, or say something in the forum.

23 July 2001 - A little DHTML
I have removed the sidebar and news from the main index file. They are now seperate html files for easier modification.
To edit news use: joe news.html
To change the sidebar use: joe sidebar.html

22 July 2001 - Minor changes
Small changes have been made to this page including cosmetic things like the Navigation bar at the top, and the border around the whole page. I am also adding links to Seal 1.x pages. If you have a Seal 1.x or 2.x page to add, let me know via email or post it in the Forum.

21 July 2001 - Local Seal pages
On the left frame, you will notice a new section. This section contains a list of pages locally hosted on Seal's Sourceforge account. Look forward to a number of pages pertaining to Seal programming, usage, and other Seal-related Topics!

11 July 2001 - Under Construction
As you can see, this page is still majorly under construction! I just figured out how to upload Web Pages to Sourceforge today.

A quick thank you to SourceForge Logo for hosting this project website! Any questions, Contact me.