The WINDOW object

The t_window structure (window object) is used for drawing windows. This is only to be used for simple dialog window. Use the t_appwin structure instead for windows with close buttons and other addons.

win_init ()
       Initializes a new window.

       p_window  win_init ( p_window o, t_rect r, l_text caption,
                            l_int flags );

       o           Allocated memory to store this window in.
       r           Rectangle defining the bounds of the window.
       caption     Text to be displayed as the title of the window.
       flags       For future versions. Set to zero in Seal 1.0.

       The new window object.

The t_window structure

     Name:         struct t_view  obclass;

     Description:  Inherits functions from t_view structure.

     Name:         l_text  caption;

     Description:  Title of the window.

     Name:         l_int  flags;

     Description:  Flags of the window. Set to zero in Seal 1.0.

     Name:         void  (*draw_title) ( p_window o );

     Description:  Function for title drawing.

The palette of the window

     Name:         pal_window 

     Description:  The color palette of the window. Get a color by using
                          "VIEW(o)->get_color(VIEW(o), #num_color);" where num_color
                          is the number of the color to retrieve. May be one of:

                             0 - Background of window.
                             1 - Active title.
                             2 - Gradient color of active title.
                             3 - Passive title.
                             4 - Gradient color to passive title.
                             5 - Active caption (text).
                             6 - Passive caption (text).