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Why Seal won't make it...

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PostPosted: Sun May 25, 2003 1:35 am    Post subject: Why Seal won't make it... Reply with quote

Just some suggestions:

First of all you don't have a real maintainer. Ideally a project leader is always thinking of it's project. That's why Microsoft or Linux are so successfully, because Bill and Linus (in the past) never thought of anything different than their projects. It also often happened to me in the past that at night i dreamt the code that i needed to program the next day, so all i had to do was to type it in.

You guys have a very weak maintainer, there are no excuses, if you're really behind something, you're doing anything withing your powers to keep it going, even if it's only half an hour a day.

Maintaining a project is always an act of magic. In an other dimension, projects like Linux, Windows or Seal are living entities. The work a project leader has to do is to integrate all the people working on that project into this entity. Ideally you guys are not a, b, and c, you ARE SEAL. The leader has to bring that entity to life. That worked for Windows and Linux or MacOs. Thats also a key to the secret, why the user base of these operating systems are so categorizable. The entity Seal at the moment is almost non existant. You need to get a powerfull maintainer or it will definatly die.

The next thing is, you don't have a clear route about what seal is and which goals to achieve. Right now it's a windows lookalike GUI running on a DOS kernel. The question is, who would want to use that. Certainly there are some people who need old DOS boxes to work with, but in what cases does Seal help them? It would be cool, it it would run on 8086 real mode systems, so they would get a modern GUI, but it doesn't.

Seal is just a game right now, it doesn't make networking easier, nor does it run Windows 3.1 software nor anything. It's incompatible with the rest of the world (why not port Wine or something?)

My suggestion would be to build a task force for Seal 3.0 and think it all over. Either you find a way where Seal could aid people that are having to use old DOS boxes, or (what i would strongly recommend) get a new kernel for Seal.

Either you write your own one (you could take the freedos sources and slowly migrate into something new by adding multitaksing (i mean REAL multitasking), virtual memory, memory protection and stuff), or you take a completly new one. Seal seems to me like a multimedia OS (i don't know if that's true), so it would be cool to take a Realtime Kernel like GNU Hurd, or Fiasco.

I mean there's nothing new in the computerworld since the early 60s where Unix was developed. Dos and CP/m where clones of that. The latest develpment was in the mid 70s where Xerox developed the first GUI. Since then absolutly nothing happened. And seal is another stupid clone of existing stuff.

Why don't you guys take the chance an reate something completly new. If not taking a Quake like 3D engine for the desktop, why aren't you at least adding a new dimension so that a user can "throw away" windows he doesn't use at the moment. Or thuff like that.

Just some suggestions, hope you can save Seal from it's near death.


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